Original Request for Help

Dear Friends in Two Sacred Worlds (Buddhism and Christianity),

May I reach out to you for some help at this time in my life?

In late September and early October, I had two blood tests and two urine tests.

To my shock and disbelief, the blood test revealed a sky-high PSA level and the doctor is very concerned. The tests also showed a worrisome liver problem.

May I request prayers for healing for what may possibly be prostate cancer — and then also healing for some other issues that have emerged and need urgent attention, which are as follows:

I also have serious left-leg swelling with a nasty-looking open venous ulcer (the varicose veins have been a long-standing problem in my left leg). The doctor stated that I have a blood circulation problem, and this might be linked to a heart condition — and the doctor is concerned about the possibility of blood-clotting.

Thank you so much for your kindness in coming alongside of me during this time,


(Saturday, November 14, 2020)

Every moment of our lives has tremendous value. Yet we let the time go by, like gold dust running through our fingers. What is sadder than coming to the end of one’s life empty-handed?
We need to be aware that every second of our life is inestimably precious and have the intelligence to decide to make the best use of it for our own good and the good of others.
First of all, we need to get rid of the illusion of believing that we have “our whole life ahead of us.”
This life passes like a dream that can be interrupted at any time. We should take care of what is really essential without further delay so as not to be filled with regret at the hour of our death. It is never too early to develop our inner qualities.
(Ricard, Matthieu. On the Path to Enlightenment.)