What Is Really Important Now?

SPIRIT: Establish a daily practice to strengthen one’s faith, confidence, and reassurance for being able to cope with the end of one’s personal life on earth.

(1) Study the sacred Scriptures of one’s faith tradition in relation to dying and death.

(2) Reflect and contemplate on what one has read and studied.

(3) Meditate – rest the mind in open awareness. When thoughts come (which is normal), return to resting in awareness.

BODY AND MIND: Maintain a peaceful and healthy lifestyle, as much as possible – let go of unnecessary social engagements and needless social media.

(1) Take walks and exercise in a reasonable manner.

(2) Eat nutritious foods and maintain a balanced diet.

(3) Ensure adequate sleep each night.

(4) Spend sufficient time outside in the fresh air and sunshine.

(5) Maintain a positive frame of mind.

PHYSICAL TASKS: Take care of a number of important physical preparations before dying.

(1) Prepare an up-to-date Will.

(2) Prepare an Advanced Health Directive.

(3) Prepare an Enduring Power of Attorney.

(4) Streamline possessions.

DISTRACTIONS: Don’t get side-tracked with trivia and trivial pursuits – that have no long-range benefit.

Reflection: Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. (Steve Jobs)