The Reality of Life’s End Strikes Home

This website is dedicated to all who may one day unexpectedly receive sobering news about their state of health.

News that is troubling, disturbing, and that brings the reality of their own death into a sharp focus as never before.

In our minds, we can all the accept the facts of impermanence and death. However, based on my own experience, this knowledge often remains at an intellectual, or even academic, level.

It is only when suddenly confronted with the facts of an alarming personal health situation, that the reality of impermanence and death move from the head level to the heart level. This, then, is what leads to genuine transformation and a new-found urgency in conducting the affairs of one’s remaining life – however long that may be.

This is exactly what has transpired in my own life. In late September, 2020, I went for a routine blood test and urine test in the city of Cleveland, Queensland, Australia. Three days later, the doctor reviewed the results with me.

While the diagnosis was indeed encouraging on many fronts, there were two indicators that were a distinct problem.

A few days later, a second doctor in the General Practice requested that I have a second blood test and urine test.

A week later, the second doctor reviewed the results with me. There were indeed two serious and disturbing issues at hand – that needed to be dealt with.

The second doctor immediately arranged two referrals for me to see two specialists – for the two distinct and serious health issues.

I left the doctor’s office in a state of shock, as well as disbelief and denial!

Now the end of life was no longer a theoretical proposition – the reality of death became more real than it had ever been! Clearly, the possibility of the end of life was beginning to loom on the horizon for me.

These were the feelings that I experienced first-hand that mid-October morning.

And so, this website is dedicated to all who know and deeply realize that the end of life is imminent.

While the website is predominantly presented from a Buddhist view (Tibetan), many of the principles would have some parallels in other faith perspectives.

When I ask myself with an open heart and mind, “What can I do with this information as a Christian [or Jew, Muslim, Hindu, or person with no religious background]?” there is much of value that could be gleaned and adapted.

As I share my own journey, perhaps what I write will be of help, encouragement, and solace for others in similar circumstances. This is my hope and heartfelt desire.

Alexander Peck (October 25, 2020)

Written in Thornlands, Queensland, Australia.

Reflection: This life passes like a dream that can be interrupted at any time. We should take care of what is really essential without further delay so as not to be filled with regret at the hour of our death. It is never too early to develop our inner qualities.

(Matthieu Ricard. On the Path to Enlightenment.)